St Abbs


Driving up on Friday filled with optimism. The sky was bright, we were going diving !

A select group of skivers managed to get up to St Abbs for a late afternoon dip on Friday and then enjoyed Fish & Chips in Eyemouth.

Saturday – over exposure saturday (only from Jill)

We awoke Saturday to sunshine and a flat calm sea. Had we been transported to some mythical land?

There was some initial hope of the Glanmire but because of the slow group before we arrived on station to find the tide already running.

So we travelled onto Back Carrs – Great visibility meant an excellent view of the wonderful anemonies all around. Plethora of lobsters throughout the whole weekend and Gary found an Octopus!  Wolfies were also spotted but swirling currents made for tired legs.

Back to shore for lunch and then out to Weasel Loch. There were Leopard spotted gobies,  Jumbo prawns and lots of Shellfish. Also spotted Butterfish & Topnot blennies. Diane saw a conger!

Excellent weather made a BBQ a must, excellent catering from Gaz with excellent supervision from Steve. We were treated to an excellent fruit salad courtesy of Julia. A hardy contingent braved the chill evening air as the temperature sadly dropped.

Sunday – Dizzy Sunday for Julia & Matt

Managed to get out of the harbour with some skilful driving by Paul due to very low tide, but it was a VERY long ladder for little people!

W. Hurca swim through –  Another Octopus found by Jill, or following her and Steve.

Inlet for exploring. The tide was going forward for 2 and back for one. Spotted; Pogge.

Wuddy Rocks – Caves to explore, which Kate enjoyed. Spotted;  Mackerel shoals. Faltfish. Anglerfish.

An excellent weekend, with surprisingly nice weather on Saturday. Great visibility and lots to see.

Emma & Ray Dawson

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