Lost in France – not in our case

The much looked forward to Normandy wrecks tour is postponed until 2016.

Our intrepid group set off knowing there were some weather problems brewing along the south coast but nevertheless full of hope and anticipation. However, once we arrived the full scope of the problem was outlined. No diving off France for the full week and maybe not able to get back on the Friday.

We took the offer of a days UK diving on Sunday with a return home on Monday. After a blowy early Sunday morning the sun came out and we had pretty much perfect surface weather. The vis below wasn’t that great. Dredging again ?


We explored two new dive sites to us despite diving this area for many years.

The Alex Van Opstal. 26-28m. Most explored the bow section only because of the vis. Still standing proud of the sea bed but well damaged (1939). Lots of fish life. Bib, pollack and lots of blennies and gobies.

The Bennerdijk. 26m. Well broken wreck with scattered remains. Given the visibility, there was a little luck needed to find even the massive boilers. The fish life was incredible. Biggest Tompots I have ever seen. There were also lots of big Congers and very large and crusty lobsters. Karl and I had our first encounter with a huge barrel jellyfish. Dustbin size and incredibly beautiful with yellow and purple colouration. Certainly a dive to do again.

Back to Portland for our excellent dinner on board.

We awoke Monday to the start of the wind and rain. We could actually see what was coming then.

Many thanks to Al and Freda on the Salutay for being so fair with us.

We’ll be back !







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