St Abbs in July ??

Well. What to say. It’s off. Then it might be on, with restrictions. Then who wants / is able to go ?!?!?

Anyway. Six of enjoyed a fantastic weekend.

The weather was phenomenal. Wall to wall sunshine Saturday and Sunday after a grisly drive up. Alternating between downpours and sunshine.

Socially distanced in accommodation sharing the bunkhouse, the Cottage and camping and the dive boat with a maximum of 8 on board. It all felt very strange. Obviously no helping each other kit up except for the drysuit zip.

Fortunately, once in the water all that could be forgotten.
Wuddy Rocks to Black Carr. 12m viz, lots of crawling life and Wolfish, Angler fish, Nudibranchs. Jill and others claim seal action under water.
West Hurca. 15m viz. Fantastic colours and shoals, Sand eels schooling to protect themselves from the prowling Pollack.
Tye’s Tunnel. 15m viz. Bit swelly going in but good nevertheless. Then out towards West Hurca route. Lots of Wrasse of all varieties.
Weasel Loch. 12m viz. Lots in the crevices including Tompots and leopard spotted Gobies. Adam found an Octopus. They’re always there. Can you find them ?

St Abbs at its best. Including Cullen Skink at the cafe (well take out).

Many thanks to Paul and Rachel at Rock House for a fabulous weekend.

Good recommendation on the chinese takeaway. Chu Hoi.


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