Plans for 2021

Although there are still many unknowns as we look forward to the 2021 diving season we still need to plan (and be optimisitic) about the opportunities.

Diving Calendar 2021
Mull – MV Halton
4-7th March
Loch Fyne
14/15/16th May diving 
19/20th June
St Abbs
10/11th July
2021 Cape Wrath and beyond?
July 24/31st 2021 week
St Abbs
25/26th September
6/7th November 

Other than Cape Wrath these are all things we have done before, so you can look at previous trip reports or ask for more detail (from Ray in the first instance).

Mull and Cape Wrath trips are already ‘on offer’. with a couple of spaces for Cape Wrath still left. If you interested in Mull then get your name on the reserve list.

All the others will be put out to the club membership from early November to January to gather interest and deposits if the trip is viable with the numbers.

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