Diving returns !?!?!

Well, outdoor sports are allowed on March 29th. The dive quarries can open !!!! Hurrah !!!!!

A few of us have already booked our slots at Capernwray. We just need to remember there was limited diving last year and many of us and our kit have been missing the water for a while.

We need to ensure we and our equipment are dive fit.

So have we checked our kit over ? Looked for signs of deterioration and wear. Is our equipment in test ? What about ourselves ? Have we piled on the pounds / Now struggling to run upstairs ? Need to look to get fitter before we get near the water. Starting gently of course !

In the water that means starting with simple dives, ideally pool and then quarry, doing shallow, no deco dives to begin with. Practicing skills and extending our diving slowly and carefully.

We are going to run the BSAC return to diving course. Look out for your invitation

I look forward to seeing you out there and in the water very soon !!!!!!!!

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