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Diving returns !?!?!

Well, outdoor sports are allowed on March 29th. The dive quarries can open !!!! Hurrah !!!!!

A few of us have already booked our slots at Capernwray. We just need to remember there was limited diving last year and many of us and our kit have been missing the water for a while.

We need to ensure we and our equipment are dive fit.

So have we checked our kit over ? Looked for signs of deterioration and wear. Is our equipment in test ? What about ourselves ? Have we piled on the pounds / Now struggling to run upstairs ? Need to look to get fitter before we get near the water. Starting gently of course !

In the water that means starting with simple dives, ideally pool and then quarry, doing shallow, no deco dives to begin with. Practicing skills and extending our diving slowly and carefully.

We are going to run the BSAC return to diving course. Look out for your invitation

I look forward to seeing you out there and in the water very soon !!!!!!!!

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Diving Calendar 2021 (we hope)

Diving Calendar 2021
19/20th June
St Abbs
10/11th July
Cape Wrath and beyond on MV Clasina liveaboard 
July 24/31st 2021 week
Loch Fyne
10/11/12th September diving 
St Abbs
25/26th September
6/7th November 

Despite the dearth of diving that we have now endured for 10 months are we any closer. Yes, we hope so !!!

This is our new plan for 2021 club trips.

We hope to start in open water, *quarry diving#, for both training and practice in April. So, fingers crossed, we need to start checking our gear and getting it serviced ready for the new season.

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Last dive of the year

A quiet a relaxing dive in Eccy Delph. Only a few other divers and swimmers around.

Congratulations to Rachel for completing the Twin Set Course.

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Eccy Delph

After a very wet week Eccleston Delph is somewhat full. The footpaths round are well flooded as are the entry steps and the platform for stride entries.

On a Tuesday is was very quiet, perhaps 10 divers and 4 open water swimmers (brrrr, too cold for that even in a wetsuit).

In the water 8 degrees is easily tolerable (in a drysuit) and the ropes provide the needed guidance in the mixed visibility. It worked out well for the training we needed to do for the twinset course.

The coffee plus bacon and sausage barmcake were hot and excellent. Just what you need between winter dives.

My highpoint, first time finding the gnome garden !!!!!

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Capernwray after November lockdown

First day open after lockdown. An opportunity to finish some training.

On the surface it’s cold (3 degrees) and grey but under the water a toasty (well almost) 9 degrees. Pity about all the rain ruining the visibility. Very quiet, only 20 cars = 20 divers.

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Corona virus – is anything happening in the diving world ?

Lots of kit sorting and fettling.

AND theory training both within the branch and from BSAC national – all over the internet.

The club has run Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader theory lessons. BSAC is running Advanced Diver theory and some SDCs.

We have one person passed Dive Leader theory and three passed Sports Diver theory. Well done Steve, Ben, Phoebe and Scott.

We are all now desperate to get into the water !!!!

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Defib training completed 29th April 2019

Thanks very much to Rich who gives us the whys and hows for our new defib (AED).
We are all more confident about approaching use of a defib and what it can and cannot do.
We will take ours on all dive trips and training.

If any members want to arrange another session then please get in touch.


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Come on in, the water’s lovely

I had my first visit to the training quarry (Capernwray) yesterday and it was good. Water was 7 degrees C but felt warmer (Matt’s computer said 8). Surface temperature was 14ish, so very nice. Visibility was OK, not the outstanding of the website ! But I saw two of the big Sturgeon, so very happy.

Time to start booking your open water dates either for training or just to get wet !

Let me know, ideally for rest of month, April and May


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David and Emily have just completed Ocean Diver

Congratulations to you both. Well done.

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2018 Training

We have one new trainee who has already completed Ocean Diver this year from a start in February. He was willing to brave the chilly quarry waters in late March / early April and is now qualified to dive

We have 2 new starters on the Ocean Diver course just completed week 2 in the pool.

The quarries are warming up, so now is the time for open water training.

April 21st we had 8 at the quarry.

We are already scheduled for April 28th with 10 planning to go.

What are you waiting for ?



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