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St Abbs (New Asgard) June 2019

A glorious weekend with the most divers from our club ever. 15 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Used all the accommodation and both waves !

Black Carr, West Hurker, Glanmire and Tye’s Tunnel. Great dives with a bit of current running round the headland. Interesting.

Wolf Fish, two Octopus and the usual crawling suspects. Viz fine at 4-5m. Water temperature was a warm 10 degrees. 50 minute dives from some with 40 minutes the norm.

Great accommodation and boat with Paul and Rachel at Rock House and aboard Shore Diver.


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Stoney Cove June 20th

A very pleasant day for myself & Steve. 3 Dives, quiet, very little rain and some sun.

Viz was the 5-6m advertised ! After the appalling viz at Capernwray on Saturday (1m in many places) a really pleasant surprise.

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Diving the Farnes Islands June 2019

Blown out Saturday. This is the UK after all !!!

A great days diving Sunday. Fantastic viz to say a storm had been through.

Blue Caps and Hares. Seals mainly sunning themselves but in the water around Blue C aps and some good interactions. See Facebook video segments.

Thanks for the pictures Victor.

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Mull 2019 – great diving in glorious weather

Been to Mull for our winter splash. Feb 21st- 24th.

MV Halton with Bob Anderson. The usual wreck highlights of the Sound.

Warm water 8 degrees (it is winter !!!). Great weather, only one afternoon of rain (in Scotland) !!

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Christmas weekend and dive

Just had a great weekend at Etland House, Preston Patrick, just off junction 36 M6.

The astute amongst you will have noted that Capernwray is off junction 35 so very convenient for our Saturday dip.

Foreboding weather forecasts all week of snow and ice but in the event travelling up on Friday 14th December was easy going. The surface conditions on Saturday were not warm but nothing like the predicted -6 degree feeling with wind chill or freezing hail. It was more pleasant in the water at 8 degrees. We did have a number of wimps duck out of the diving but 4 hardy souls did have enjoyable dives in peace and quiet.

We felt well deserving of our Christmas dinner on Saturday evening.

And up for a walk in the morning sunshine on Sunday before brunch. A gentle stroll round Grange-over-Sands front in the afternoon walked off the stuffed feeling.

An excellent weekend despite being diving lite and food heavy !




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St Abbs Sept 28/29/30th 2018

Just got back from a great long weekend. Dived Bass Rock, Isle of May, Ebb Carr, Black Carr, Anenome Gully and Wuddy Rocks swim through toward Black Carr with Paul Crowe on Shore Diver.

Lovely weather, great group, Paul and Rachel looked after us well as usual.

Visibility iffy for the first dive but improved through the days and was good for the final day.


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Pembroke September 2018

5 days in the furthest corner of Wales. A spot not many of us had dived before. Difficult to get a group, difficult to get a date with good tides and the weather is always going to be questionable.

We got there and dived everyday and had sunshine 4 out of 5 days. Fabulous !


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