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Corona virus – is anything happening in the diving world ?

Lots of kit sorting and fettling.

AND theory training both within the branch and from BSAC national – all over the internet.

The club has run Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader theory lessons. BSAC is running Advanced Diver theory and some SDCs.

We have one person passed Dive Leader theory and three passed Sports Diver theory. Well done Steve, Ben, Phoebe and Scott.

We are all now desperate to get into the water !!!!

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Come on in, the water’s lovely

I had my first visit to the training quarry (Capernwray) yesterday and it was good. Water was 7 degrees C but felt warmer (Matt’s computer said 8). Surface temperature was 14ish, so very nice. Visibility was OK, not the outstanding of the website ! But I saw two of the big Sturgeon, so very happy.

Time to start booking your open water dates either for training or just to get wet !

Let me know, ideally for rest of month, April and May


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2018 Training

We have one new trainee who has already completed Ocean Diver this year from a start in February. He was willing to brave the chilly quarry waters in late March / early April and is now qualified to dive

We have 2 new starters on the Ocean Diver course just completed week 2 in the pool.

The quarries are warming up, so now is the time for open water training.

April 21st we had 8 at the quarry.

We are already scheduled for April 28th with 10 planning to go.

What are you waiting for ?



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