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Last 2 days from Shetland week …….. in St Abbs

From our planned week long trip in Shetland we had only 4 dives but had spent 5 days at it. We were desperate to try and recover some diving. So to our rescue came Paul Crowe at Rock House in St Abbs     divestabbs.com    offering us 2 dives Thursday pm, 2 dives Friday am and accommodation for the night. Very convenient as a halfway stop on our journey from Aberdeen to Huddersfield. So the logistics worked out perfectly.

And so did the diving. Fine weather and OK visibility. 4 excellent dives. Cleaver Rock, Black Carr, Wuddy Rocks swim through and Anenome Gullies.


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St Abbs in July ??

Well. What to say. It’s off. Then it might be on, with restrictions. Then who wants / is able to go ?!?!?

Anyway. Six of enjoyed a fantastic weekend.

The weather was phenomenal. Wall to wall sunshine Saturday and Sunday after a grisly drive up. Alternating between downpours and sunshine.

Socially distanced in accommodation sharing the bunkhouse, the Cottage and camping and the dive boat with a maximum of 8 on board. It all felt very strange. Obviously no helping each other kit up except for the drysuit zip.

Fortunately, once in the water all that could be forgotten.
Wuddy Rocks to Black Carr. 12m viz, lots of crawling life and Wolfish, Angler fish, Nudibranchs. Jill and others claim seal action under water.
West Hurca. 15m viz. Fantastic colours and shoals, Sand eels schooling to protect themselves from the prowling Pollack.
Tye’s Tunnel. 15m viz. Bit swelly going in but good nevertheless. Then out towards West Hurca route. Lots of Wrasse of all varieties.
Weasel Loch. 12m viz. Lots in the crevices including Tompots and leopard spotted Gobies. Adam found an Octopus. They’re always there. Can you find them ?

St Abbs at its best. Including Cullen Skink at the cafe (well take out).

Many thanks to Paul and Rachel at Rock House for a fabulous weekend.   http://divestabbs.com/

Good recommendation on the chinese takeaway. Chu Hoi.   https://chu-hoi.business.site/


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Christmas St Abbs (well the weekend before)

Forecast for 3m swell?!?!? Should we take our dive gear ? Good job we listened to Paul and not Richard !!!!

Despite the awful weather earlier in the week the weather was improving. So we drove up in sunshine full of hope. The never ending debate going on. Where should we get our Friday night fish and chips. Giacopazzi’s won, what a great choice   http://www.giacopazzis.co.uk/

A very chill evening so taking all the wearable gear into the bunkhouse for maximum benefit in the frosty morning. A nice leisurely start to the day (courtesy of the tides). Paul was promising nothing except the ability to put us in and get us out.

So the first dive was from West Hurca drifting toward St Abbs. A really nice drift, visibility about 2m and not much life except the crawling kind but good to cover anemone gullies. Just over 30 minutes was enough for us all at 8 degrees.

Lunch interval, so a rapid traverse to the café for Cullen Skink (the best in Scotland).

After lunch the intrepid 5 (losing Richard) took to Black Carrs. It really was black, like a night dive, forcing focus on the torch beam but better vis of about 4m. The highlight being the anenomes out and feeding and their glorious colours – pink, white, mixed, reds.

Diane had done most of the dinner preparation so a quick round of spud bashing and we were ready for the New Inn (walk for the hardy). Then a return to a sumptuous Christmas dinner followed by who can remember what.

Lazy Sunday with breakfast in the café. Not quite the plan but it worked out well. So fully fuelled a few of us went for a walk round Gibside with the obligatory coffee (near Newcastle https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/gibside). Well worth a visit.



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St Abbs September 2019

A reasonable forecast prior to the weekend but very changeable day by day as we got closer. What would actually happen ?

So we arrived Thursday evening to be greeted the waves breaking and Paul saying ‘it will be what it will be’, ‘there’s certainly going to be swell tomorrow’. and so it was.

Undeterred we set off for the Isle of May under a grey cloud and on a swelly sea. The further we went the more we could see sunshine behind us (the wrong way !) but the swell was lessening. Looking round the island the swell was from the SE making the NW the only ‘safe’ area.

So seals resting / swimming round the north side became our target. We were not disappointed, with many seal encounters. There were lots of younger seals and they were very inquisitive.

A short lunch break and we were ready again, For the bits of the Albany wreck. Ribs and hull plates with various scattered items along the sea bed. Life clustered in and amongst including conger and lobster.

Quite a long haul back in worsening weather (the rain – URGHHHHH), Then a quick change and out to Eyemouth for tea.

With no promises for Saturday we awoke to sunshine and calm seas. Needing to stay in the shelter of the bay Black Carrs and Ebb Carrs were selected. Good choices. Octopus, Angler fish, Ling, shoal of juvenile pollack, wolf fish all sighted as well as lots of lobster and crab.

As evening drew close we saw the best of St Abbs in the sunshine as we prepared for our dinner at the New Inn, Coldingham.

Paul warned us about Sunday and so no one was surprised when diving was cancelled. So an opportunity for a leisurely start and early set off for home.

Many thanks to Paul and Rachel (Dive St Abbs, Rock House and Shore Diver).


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St Abbs (New Asgard) June 2019

A glorious weekend with the most divers from our club ever. 15 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Used all the accommodation and both waves !

Black Carr, West Hurker, Glanmire and Tye’s Tunnel. Great dives with a bit of current running round the headland. Interesting.

Wolf Fish, two Octopus and the usual crawling suspects. Viz fine at 4-5m. Water temperature was a warm 10 degrees. 50 minute dives from some with 40 minutes the norm.

Great accommodation and boat with Paul and Rachel at Rock House and aboard Shore Diver.

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2019 trips booked so far

Feb 21-24th  3.5days liveaboard diving on MV Halton in the Sound of Mull.

There are spaces – organiser Richard Ward


June 8/9th weekend diving Farnes with Sovereign

Not taking names until December – organiser Ray


June 29/30th weekend diving St Abbs with Rock House / Shore Diver

Not taking names until December – organiser Ray


August 24/29th 6 days liveaboard diving on MV Halton in Scapa.
There are no spaces but a reserve list is running – organiser Richard Ward


Sept 27/28/29th long weekend diving St Abbs with Rock House / Shore Diver

Not taking names until December – organiser Ray


If members have other suggestions / want to organise something then please get in touch with Ray.

I know some members are looking at a late deal Red Sea liveaboard.

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St Abbs Sept 28/29/30th 2018

Just got back from a great long weekend. Dived Bass Rock, Isle of May, Ebb Carr, Black Carr, Anenome Gully and Wuddy Rocks swim through toward Black Carr with Paul Crowe on Shore Diver.

Lovely weather, great group, Paul and Rachel looked after us well as usual.

Visibility iffy for the first dive but improved through the days and was good for the final day.


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St Abbs – July 2018

Another great weekend with Paul Crowe on Shore Diver

Anemone Gullies, Skelly Hole / Glanmire, Black Carrs and Cathedral Rock (as a boat dive, lazy I know).

A little swelly in the water but great weather and a BBQ Saturday evening. What more can you ask.


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St Abbs 2017

Will we, won’t we ? The question for both our St Abbs 2017 trips. Eventually 8 brave souls ventured up for the likelihood of diving Friday afternoon and Saturday on the last weekend in October. And we did !

We had 3 great dives. The Glanmire, Black Carrs and Ebb Carrs or Cathedral Rock. Visibility was good and life was excellent. Seal and  Octopuses (pi) found !!

Good fish and chips at Scoutscroft and a great meal at the New Inn. Thanks to Paul at Rcok House for being so supportive in our decisions and eventual diving.

A great trip in the end !

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St Abbs October 2016

7th/8th October 2016 – Kevin Walton

After a week of many trials and tribulations the time had come to throw my kit together, chuck a few clothes and a toothbrush into a bag and set off on the road to Scotland. After Matt picked me up we collected Richard X and squeezed three sets of kit and three divers into the car and hit the M62.

Arriving at the familiar Rock House, all the weekend divers piled into the new refurbished kitchen and caught up on the years diving. Diane, Steve, Jill, Kate, me, Matt, Richard X, Richard W, Kevin H, Nick, Syd, Huw and Frankie crammed into the small kitchen area. The topic soon came around to the weather and easterly winds predicted for the morning. Would we dive or would we be blown out, a question only the morning would reveal.


Shore Diver crashing through the waves

After few more bottles of beer and wine bed called and Saturday morning soon came about. Peering out to sea it was clear from the white horse that the sea was a bit “lumpy”. However, it was fine and the wind slight. Skipper Paul cast his experienced eye out to sea and announced “we’re on!!”.

Kit and cylinders were loaded onto the boat and all kitted up in the shelter of the harbour. The boat left the shelter of the harbour walls and out into the choppy sea. The boat listed and rolled and powered out to a hopefully sheltered Petticowick Bay. First dive and we’re in. Vis not great, but plenty life could be found. Small flat fish, cuttlefish, dead mans fingers and the usual sea fare were numerous. Back onto the boat heading for the shelter of the harbour and the world famous Cullen Skink.

Oh no!! Word arrives of a dive boat in trouble, seemingly the steering has failed leaving divers in the sea. Other dive boats pick up the divers but the stricken dive boat needs lifeboat help.


Donate to the St Abbs lifeboat!!

Back on the boat for a second dive and the sea hadn’t flattened. Another bumpy ride out to Skells this time. Slightly more exposed the swell had the boat bouncing around. However, falling over ourselves to position over the lift we jumped in one after another and narrowly missing a box jellyfish we all sank onto the sea bed. Once again the life was abundant with soft coral, kelp and anemones. Lobster, crabs and ling could be found lurking amongst the rocks. The gentle current pushed you along the gullies and rock formations across the zillion brittlestars and occasional sunburst starfish at around 20 metres.


Sunburst Starfish

Then the fun begins on surfacing. The swell was, well, a bit rough. Eventually the boat came around and with the lift listing and rolling getting back onto the boat was “fun and games”. With a few green faces we headed back to shore for showers and drinks and prepared for the evening trip to the pub.

We all headed across the coastal path to the New Inn in Coldingham for a fabulous meal and one, two, three and perhaps more drinks!! A few of us decided to carry on to the Anchor for Jager Bombs and beer, because we could!! Back to the bunkhouse for a couple of nightcaps and then to bed for the next day’s diving.


Beautiful day looking across St Abbs

Sunday morning revealed a bright clear day with calmer seas. Decided on Black Carrs for the third dive of the weekend. Dropping to 20 metres swimming through fabulous gullies covered in dead mans fingers, anemones and sponges of all descriptions we came across an Anglerfish hunkered down on the sea bed. Seemingly not phased by two slightly odd looking divers shining torches over its head, it remained on the seabed curiously peering back.

Finally for the last dive we re-visited Skellies and found our way through a maze of gullies and walls covered in sea life, encountering wolfies, ling and cod along the way. A couple reported seeing octopus, however you can’t always believe all you hear!! Sadly that was it, the fourth dive over and back to the harbour for de-kit, wash down and inevitability of the long drive home.


Awesome Gullies

However, we got a full weekend diving and beautiful sunshine and great company. Thanks to Diane for organising the trip and hope to see you all again next time.

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